Posted by: ghossmg | January 10, 2009

Friend’s moving day

Mr A moves out today. Only he and me are at home throughout this week as mr B is gone to somewhere out of KL? (we dont have a clue). So he prepared and packed all of his belongings in the morning and i helped him loading them into car. I followed him to his new ‘home’ in Puchong…. after all, i also gotta have a look since it may be my potential new home! It s a conventional flat with a bit messy environment (normal for flat type) but it’s fine to me as what matter me the most for a place to stay AT THE MOMENT is a decent room, clean toilet, clean house + kitchen and the internet! hehe… and yes of course, cheap rental. So his new home with rm400 rental sharing for 3 is just fine, just need to do a bit more cleaning i guess. Yes I am a ‘clean’ type… everybody loves clean i reckon only that to maintain/improve the cleanliness is tough to some people.  The only problem is the distance. If it s near to TPM or around Bukit Jalil i will surely had already packed my stuffs! By km, it is not that far but considering heavy traffic during peak hour + jam, hah.. i need to think twice.. so i kiv this place.

I went back to GA around 1pm after having last lunch (perhaps not) with mr A. He wanted to take his lefted analog clock but somehow he forgot again… ahaha.. i just realise that the clock in still hanging on the wall. Sourvenir to us je lah yeee.. .hehe.. and that’s all. So now i m all alone at home and good luck to my good mate in his new home. mr B will be back tomorrow from somewhere.. ;p

Morning clock time before moving out
Morning clock time before moving out

later in the arternoon, i took lrt to klcc to buy a hair cream, huh.. i m losing my hair badly. it’s a heredity problem i think. ha… during my way to klcc.. there was a pedestrian congestion that made me suffer from a time lost. A lot of people finding their tough time to buy ticket! A very long queue like a crawling snake at the ticket counter. automatic ticket vendors were found not functional.. haiya… this is malaysia capital city!! What the problem with the maintainence??? somebody pls educate some technologies to those in charge of those machine pleaseeeee… !!!! I did not take long in klcc. 

i arrived back at lrt bukit jalil around 6pm, pray at the surau and have an earlly dinner at the usual place – a cafe within the stadium compound. Right after that i went to Giant (ada tari menari event plak kat giant today) to buy pail and a gayung since there s nothing much left in the house after A moved out. He own most of the stuffs in the house. hoho.. now i had no washing machine, tv, etc etc… ahaha.. empty. 

it’s a hectic saturday but now i m dead bored now! ha.. i need a camera. there’s alot of ‘images’ that i found interesting today but i dont have camera in hand.


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