Posted by: ghossmg | January 9, 2009

Need a Home !

OK.. it’s been more than a month i m here in Bukit Jalil…… still i am merempat in a friend’s house, pardon me? no.. i still pay monthly rental :)..  Living with two long lost friends (SMSJ), mr A and mr B has been great, never expected to meet them in the near future.. it was fated. I m wondering the impact of the the 2-year boarding school on our relationship.. still going strong like we never splitted. .  and  . . I m very thankful for having them around, making my life merrier here in KL. Thanks for letting me stay eventhough there is not enough space for myself.. hehe.. (yes the apartment is a bit small for 3)

GA compound

GA compound from 10th floor.. nice isn't it?

Hah.. needless to say, GA has been a comfortable yet strategic place to stay (near to many facilities… close to work place as well) but.. it’s a bit expensive lor.. yes expensive for me.. i m actually only willing to spend less than 3oorm only for a house/room but rental for this small apartment (one room only) is rm800 + billings etc etc.. mau cecah 1k++.. ok.. it’s 3 person sharing.. still affordable? so i just stay.. UNTIL.. ha,, mr A suddently quitting within a week!! aha… by rule of thumb.. i need to quit as well… Apparently i has been looking for a room/house to rent, looking for good opportunity.. but never been serious!!.  Thus right after this, i ll need to stretch out to find what i can call home here in KL.. :(.. living in KL really tough ! Now how I really miss Melaka.. UTeM’s greatest friends.. Melaka has been fabulous! Life need to go on.. owh.. (sentimental)

So… we are splitting!! No more wondering around together, eating out.. etc. A farewell.


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