Posted by: ghossmg | January 8, 2009

Fire alarms

2nd fire alarm today at my workplace !!! as usual, most staffs took little care on the ringing bell… no body intended to go out.. hoho.. apparently, we do not know whether it s a spoof or the real one? suprisingly, me and colleague were the first to arrive at the assembly point (1st alarm we were the last.. hheehe) .. it was just an assembly without any briefing or talk what so ever.. weird? ..  we gathered and dismissed later on, huh?

this reminded me when i was living in the Grand Hotel.. during my school year.. where alarm frequently firing at no time! evening, nights, and the worst case is in the morning (lazy to wake up), for 2 major reasons – planned and careless occupants. I once got a reminder notice for neglecting the alarm, that was the planned one early in the morning.. hehe.. and i got to see the officer in charge for safety etc.. hoho.. here in UK, you can be expelled if you ignore fire alarm.  i took the reminder seriously and take heed the fire alarm seriously later in those day. And that was the only one i miss not the turned down the hotel. =).. i most cases, firemen with the lori2 came to the hotel immediately and do some checking and took actions… hah.. really missed the uneasy moment where friends and i need to go down, standing over the road, cold, watching fire bridges in action..


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