Posted by: ghossmg | December 31, 2008

December Wedding

This is certainly a wedding month!..  It s a school & university breaks, employees clearing their annual leaves and what more do you expect? Yes yes.. good time for wedding reception. oh ya.. not to forget Mawi (the so called raja sms aka AF3 winner) ‘s  reception also had taken place on middle of this month. I went to all four wedding invitations and really felt happy for them. May all of you guys berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat.. may the marriage be blessed by Allah swt and dikurniakan anak2 yg comel, soleh dan solehah dan dpt meneruskan tugas sebagai khalifah islam di muka bumi ini. Ameen. Here is the synopsis of the weekend wedding tour.. =)

1st wedding

Sida informed me of her wedding since before i move to KL. Coincidencely, her reception date is the same to my sepupu’s reception taken place in taiping Perak. Since Perak is a strange land to me, and my parents wasn’t able to come down, so i didn’t go to my sepupu’s and went to sida’s instead. it’s a last minute plan (since i m lazy and got no companion) … so i departed a bit late, told jariey to wait.. arrive at Ayer Keroh about 1pm, wait for shukur then together we go! Jumpa la few UTeM’s friends.. some i dont remember their name.. need to think (deeply) before i can recall.. hohoho.. yes.. i m old. 

Shida's reception

Shida's reception

Shukur gave me his wedding invitation cards (his & alisa) after we got back to his house.. then, jariey and me lepak2 with an australian man, named yop ramlee at kedai mamak subaidah.. hehe.. he just got back from australia. thanks for the panda sorvenir. 

2nd wedding

For me, this is a suprise suprise wedding.. i only got to know they are getting married just a few weeks before the reception’s date after getting an offline ym msg from Alisa. Apparently, i know they are engaged but learning that Alisa is still studying, so i thought it will be after she graduated. But no, i m wrong!. So that morning (day of getting the offline msg) while in the offiice I rang shukur to know further about the wedding and he admitted it.. haha.. he just about to distribute all the invits to the faculty. Okay, i was happy to hear this. 

Reception on Alisa's side... kawan22
Shukur & Alisa: Reception at Alisa’s side. & kawan22

So.. on Alisa side, i nearly not turned up to the reception (due to similar reason.. haha).. until i asked samsul is he going? knowing that samsul is arriving (there)..  i then speed up my phase to alisa’s house.. haha.. got sesat teruk until finally by Allah virtue i managed to arrive safely at about 12 – 1 pm. Pengantin dah bersanding.. samsul welcomed me and we ate! Met Husaini and Sab (membesar skit) with their baby boy.. yaya.. so cute.. alice and haris also with cute baby and few other FKEKK’s staff who managed to turn up  (while having something in Seremban). I met the pengantin, congratulated them.. yea.. taking photos and cit cat a bit.. before i departed home.. yes spt biasa.. another sesat2 ler.. sampai shah alam pusing222333.. tak keluar2.. until finally landed on puchong before i bumped into familiar streets. 


3rd wedding

This wedding style is new to me. It was held in a resort with pool by the seaside in PD started at 4.00pm. I didn’t know about this and departed from home (LRT to herman’s place) in the morning at around 10.30pm but later on been informed by herman that it started late in the afternoon. So then I lepak2 at herman’s house until after zohor then we went together. In Seremban at the toll PLUS highway we met Star with his wife and their baby boy… drove on to PD !

The wedding was a bit lavish (for me la) and i felt a bit awkward at first. but belasah je lah… dah datang then we makan2222.. duduk22.. somehow, terjumpa cikgu lama masa study di kmb, cikgu khairiah!!!! huu.. long time no see  and i was happy to meet her. She ‘s now no longer working in KMB. 

We waited until the couple came out.. taking photos and then balikkk.. jam di Bukit Jalil as they are having the jom jom jom heboh!

Newly wed on an isle crossing pool
Newly wed on an isle crossing pool
With cikgu Khairiah
With cikgu Khairiah


4th wedding + tragedy december

This was Shukur’s reception. I already went to Alisa’a but as he s a good mate and  I promised him to attend his.. so there i go.. I departed early in the morning, planning (at the same time) to visit my makcik there but somehow i learnt that they were in KL attending relative’s reception. So i did some shopping in JJ and spent HOURS looking and wandering for the right gift (huh.. i hate me for this).. to be presented to the newly wed.. somehow, met my ex-PA student (now 4th year computer eng) and his friends, they suggested me to buy XXXX. HAH.. without forther thinking, i rushed for the XXXX, bought, wrap and go.. heading to Shukur’s house. I realised that Melaka now is busier than a year ago, with some significant development. I met some closed mates –  nizam, abg Halim, Hidayah.. and not to forget, pm rani (ex-bos). I only looked at the pengantin from kejauhan sahajaa.. okay la tu since i already attended the bride’s side. 

On the way home, saya ditimpa musibah… my car’s wide screen meletup and pecah seribu, no clue what’s the cause? .. :(..  i dont know what to do since this is the first time it happened and i was alone at the highway.. i kept calm.. it was like a slow motion.. humm.. humm… oh wtfff.. my phone credit only enough to make one phone call for a minute… !! hum..  humm.. i dont know.. emergency phone anywhere? hmm… i wandered around at the emergency lane. Fortunately, few minutes later.. i saw a tow truck from the opposite side of the road.. an indian (driver) waving hand at me.. i waved him and try to point that there’s problem with the car. He crossed the highway (dangerous), asked me whether to tow the car to his bengkel at Senawang to get wide screen replacement? I agreed since i had no choice.. It was late and the workshop couldn’t do the replacement (they didn’t find any available wide screen though).. So i went home by commuter from Seremban to KL (bandar tasik selatan). The next day (sunday) i went again to get my car (after getting call from the workshop).. the charge was huhhh.. expensive! (comparing with my brother’s saying) they said it was Sunday, so the labour cost is high.. ironily, they did not inform me earlier about this. i dont mind if they do it on weekdays. I realised that i had spent nearly rm1k from this tragedy/disaster/bad whatever you called it (tow truck and wide screen).. OK, So here i am, i take my lesson. Thing happens for a reason. The most important thing I am safe.. alhamdulillah. 🙂


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