Posted by: ghossmg | February 26, 2005

Islam is wonderful

There was a talk about early marriage (low age mariage) at Art Tower today organised by smsa i think but i didnt go. this saturday is very boring.. i read a bit on DSP but not too much.. i end up watching a video of a preacher who converted to Islam.. it was an interesting talk on how he converted to Islam… very very nice talk indeed..

and on the evening i went out to town and i was approached by a white guy who later i found out that he’s a christian mubaligh – preacher.. he want to tell me about christian, but i said i m in hurry.. then he offer to come to my house in a later time.. but i said thanks but no thanks.. actually i m kind of want to let him come and listen what he want to talk.. treat them well.. and have a bit of discussion on the faith.. and what muslim believe in.. previously there’s also christian mubaligh who come to my house but i didnt let them come in.. huhuh.. my house is fully occupied though.. the living room is currently filled by abg hisham!! and i am not well communicate enough to go through a discussion particularly about the faith..

he asked me whether i believe in Jesus Christ and i said yes i do believe him.. then he said oh good.. are u a christian? i replied. no.. u a muslim? yes i am.. where are u from? i am from malaysia.. hmm.. as u are in hurry i got this flyer.. if u interested to have the new testement then u can call this number and it’s for free!! oo for free? i replied.. yes.. he answered.. then that’s it.. actually the question is the same is the question asked by the preacher to this one muslim in the video i watched in the morning.. it’s just a coincident that i was also being asked the same question later in the evening..

islam is wonderful


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