Posted by: ghossmg | January 30, 2005

Jews aka Yahudi

These few days, I was attracted to know more about the Jews, who they are really. As far as I can remember, I learn about Jews since I was a child and still not in the school age yet. I can remember at that time when we (siblings and neighbours) were looking for leaves called ‘israel’ to be given to goats, then some of us told us thatIsrael is a bad people. Since then, I keep thinking about this ethnic. Then my knowledge grew, knowing some dim facts – jews are those who posses hook nose, related to previous prophets, intelligent creatures, cannot be trusted etc, but still I don’t really know who they are – in depth!

Yesterday, I went to work as usual and found about the article mainly about the commemoration of the Hallaucos tragedy and deep inside me, I want to know more!

The Hallaucost tragedy is mainly about the extermination of more than 1.5million jewish at a concentration camp in German called Austwitch. Such a commemoration I think will made the jews or Zionist happy because at last, there is day that made people in the world look at them in pity, put aside the crisis in the jewish settlement in Palestin. Is this incident happen under the plan of jews? Or is it just a lie, rethoric created by Jews? I don’t know..

So, who are jews actually are? They are heir of the prophet, nabi ibrahim, nabi yaakob, nabi musa, nabi yusof , nabi Isa, etc.. this indicates by nature of the facts that they are really great people.. however the greatness if not enough as they are too proud to their ethnic until somehow they deny the prophecy of out last prophet, Nabi Muhammad SAW. I think somebody told me before a long time ago that there’s in the Koran mentioning that those Jews cannot be trusted.. though I m not very sure about this statement

here are books, which I find really interesting but due to the ‘barrier’ I read it in a very slow pace.. I bought a book last year entitled Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestin conflict but until today, I still haven’t finish it!! And my desire to finish reading the book is increasing greatly now.. Unfortunately, I need to prepare to the coming exam!!! Huahhhh!! And today, I bought another two books written by non-muslim about the fundamentalist of Judaism, Christianity and islam, will be fetched soon – from couldn’t wait for these books to arrived. But do I have enough time? It pity to find that next week is the last week for the holiday…

I read reference about jews and islam in the msn Encarta.. they are both very interesting reading material and I really want to know more… many Islamic knowledge and history is greatly related to the Judaism – with the fact that both come from the same roots – the prophets sent by Allah swt.

So here I list down the general knowledge about the Jews.. as to increase our general knowledge, frankly speaking.. the more you know the wiser you become..

Jews – a people who have maintained a distinct cultural identity basically based on the idea of the covenant or special relationship with God.

 they are among the oldest of many peoples (sure they are) known to history

 their origin dates back at least 3000 years and perhaps even further

 during this lengthy time, jews had settled in many places and have had impacts to many civilisation

 their religion – Judaism. Christianity grew out from Judaism and islam accept many of its traditions and practices.

So, I think that’s all.. gotta sleep and see you later..


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