Posted by: ghossmg | January 26, 2005

Examm time… bingo!

have finished 3 papers out of 4!! got one more next week that gonna be the analogue circuit.. so for this first day after finished my third paper, i decided to take a full rest! and i did.. this morning, i did the whole long missed activity which i always do during the banting time, that was jogging!!! yeah i took about 10 minutes in the morning started about 7.30am, ran down as far as waitrose then turn back on the other road until i reached home again via the brunswick street.. actually i was encouraged by azmir – my chat friend in the yahoo msgr the other night when he mentioned that he gonna jog that morning.. and i m quite appelled with the activity so i did it! it was quite tiring because i ran without stop until arriving at the brunswick st. 

i have a dinner last night lauk sardine.. this recalled to my chillhood where sardin is among my favourite!! and i still can remember that we the whole family need to chop out the sardin into 2 so that we can eat equal proportion. it’s sadden me to recall that, this make me appreciate what my parents had gaven me up to this moment. but life is much better now compare to when i was a child. many past times memory when i recalled that back seems too much different to what i m facing now! yeah.. life is always changing.. change for the better hopefully! 

i tried to read the TIME magazine today (before i felt assleep) where the front page shows an iraqi guy holding a clock with the faces of alzarqawi and his slain father, ayatullah… etc.. seems that they are going to have a national vote to choose the president. however the situation is very complitcated as the country is still unstable. there are many.. not terrorists hm.. what u call that.. some parties who are not satisfied with the situation.. probably because america is still behind the voting session.. fuck america!!! bloody stupid, hellish!! i dont care aboout my words here cause this is where i damp everything.. 

inside also some replies about the man of the year – no one except the real terrorist of the world, Bush… as usual some agree and some disagree.. as for me, u know.. BUSH is the devil with a man mask!! hopefully he can get a divine changes.. what ever.. and if he die this year, i will be among those who ll be dancing the whole night… 

hahahha… i feel that my words are suck.. what i m just want to write and u know to practise my writing skills… 🙂 

cause i believe that to be able to be a good and civilised person, ones need to be able to read, writes and the most important is to present their thought!! if you are learning english or study in the medium of english it’s bad if you cannot speak out what you have read!! and it’s a waste especially if you read it without able to present it again in whatever form be it written or verbal… that’s what i m trying to do.. hopefully by the end of this year, i would satisfied to the level of my english and my understanding to the english reading material of any forms.. for sure not that wordish type.. thanks again.. c you soon


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