Posted by: ghossmg | January 19, 2005

Sleeping kan best?

it’s been quite some time i didnt write in here.. the day after tomorrow, i ll be sitting for this semester exam.. hopefully i will be doing well! 

i read about one topic in the TIME magazine with title – why we sleep? it’s a very interesting reading material i reckon but as usual i cannot understand it 100% due to language barrier. English is very interesting language to learn and i m still learning but the problem is that i m lack of practise, be it writing or speaking.. i think i can count on the number of english sentences i speak throughout the day!! very poor me! 

but as fas as i can remember, there are two different type of sleep. one is REM sleep that is sleeping with the rapid eyes movement – famous type of sleeping! – i never knew this though!! haha.. and the second one is the straighforwardly enough non-REM sleep. we also undergo slow wave sleep, i think for first few hours of sleeping at night, we always have that slow wave sleep and it lessen when as the dusk coming.. children always have this sleep and that’s y they always sleep very soundly even when we carry them from the car seat to the bedroom.. 

also, the research also suggest that sleeping help us doing this on the day – gain skills. learning.. procedural skills, remembering things etc.. the data we kept in memory will rearrange itself and finally consolidate it. 

other mammal sleeep as well with their own way and time of sleeping. large animals such as elephant require less sleep and they sleep while standing.. other like lion who doesnt have many enemy can sleep long enough up to 20 hours.. 

that’s all


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