Posted by: ghossmg | December 25, 2004


Stonehenge from a distance

Stonehenge from a distance

View from a running car

View from a running car

Morning at Stonehenge..19 Dec 2004

Have been quite sometime i didnt write on this blog.. havent gone through days. last week i went to Stonehenge, there’s nothing much special about the Stonehenge except the beautiful scenery of the landskap in addition of the historical story behind the circle of the white and bluestones. 

now is end sem holidays, meaning that i need to prepare for the exam. but until this moment i did nothing much! i cannot resist from being away from the computer.. huhu.. ops, today i decided not to switch on this computer.. but as u can see i m on this blog! wallaaa… 

no snow today.. yes there was, but it was not last long and only a little bit, not as that predicted on web forecast.. may be later… yo la.. thought there ll a bright day until the dusk yet there’s snow falling the the middle… make sense what? ehhe.. after all this christmas day is gloomy.. similar like previous years where i went out to the empty city. 

ok then.. slamat slamat


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