Posted by: ghossmg | December 10, 2004

Keep calm

Nothing much to say.. today was a good and quite a relaxing day.. why? simply because i have met my supervisor on Wednesday!! hahah.. that’s mean there is a gap for me to start thinking for my ‘brilliant’ project.. i went to classes.. mappin surau.. IT center, printing the notes and tutorial.. time goes very fast. without realising it.. now most of the lectures have come to the end.. one week left.. 4 weeks holidays (u sure? no!) and eventually comes the exam!! no need to talk alot.. yeah ppl keep saying still got many more to read.. unprepared.. got to work out.. etc etc.. yea.. that’s the thing.. be prepared.. nothing else but BE PREPARED! i myself still havent start any intensive revision.. ant it’s yet to be done.. insyaAllah..

i cooked red nasi today! haha.. apparently nothing was special bout it.. only that i add a red ‘pewarna’ into the nasi then there goes the red nasi.. eat together with curry.. haha.. actually i got nothing to do.. plus some experimental more… 😉

and tonight again.. tak alih alih aksa ask me bout having an open house this weekend! huh.. what a dream? having an open house at the very last of syawal? haha.. whatever.. one saying says – we raya for one month.. and certainly the funding is from their club.. i m a bit reluctant coz i got to finish up my project and got to do some thinking about it before i meet the supervisor on the next day – Monday..

i read bout the stealth killing in TIME magazines.. saying that ppl in europe is spinning out of control of having high blood pressure.. the info are mainly – what is it.. treat it.. and may be can save your live too.. and in the metro, i read at my workplace – bout laptops that can drop men’s fertility, still in research and we see what the outcomes.. it says that the laptops that we put on our lap can increase our body, lap i think and result in reduced sperm.. that’s bit bout it.. generally.. so guys… watch out!!

Sheffield (water fountain, no fountain is visible here) glimmering with lights

Sheffield (water fountain, no fountain is visible here) glimmering with lights


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