Posted by: ghossmg | December 5, 2004

Muslims dignity

The muslim news.. there’s about post Arafat era and a tribute to his courage and as a symbol of Palestinian struggle.. i was ‘interested’ on his promised that he would never give up Jeruselam, which is the holy city for not only Palestinian, but the muslim worldwide – when he visited London in December 1993. It shows that he’s struggling for muslim’s sake and not only Palestinian believing that Jeruselam is for Muslim.. for us.. unlike other leaders esp in Arab countries who didnt do anything but only keep their eyes open – watching.. very the curropted Arab leaders.. 

But it makes no different to myself… what’s my contribution? what have i done for them? .. i m just a small creature who does not have any significant and power even in the small land, Malaysia. All i can do is just praying.. for the opressed muslim brothers N sisters there… 

i have no idea when all this will end.. yea.. there’s will be Allah’s help.. but we’ll never know when.. ?

having living in the west i realised how modern they are.. their technology is far more advance than any other country esp muslim countries.. although we considered them as ill-mannered ppl (socially), but certainly there’re always many things we can learn.. by looking at the better side of them.. in fact much better.. some of us kept saying many bad things about them.. that’s true, but just be positive..


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