Posted by: ghossmg | December 4, 2004


Saturday.. a chill out day!! 

I supposed to help Ameng and his co-brothers to cook nasi lemak today – for raya @ smsa @ Broomhill Communitry Center.. at first i m reluctant to go but finally i made my step to his house and found they were already cook something.. haha.. that’s really geat.. see Ameng, i told you, you’re really a chef!! actually i m planning to just drop by to look how things goes but i felt the environment was so fine that i couldnt stop from not helping them out.. yeah.. we cook together. Being in the surrounding where every person help each other and work together is just so so good.. that what i felt.. even if i play a simple roll.. it’s just a satisfying activities. 

I didnt go to the Raya ceremony, just because i’ve no sense of belonging in SMSA. i’ve already registered a few days ago.. yeah quiet late but that’s not my intention. Well, whatever.. SMSA just letting more ppl being out of them without any reminder or anything..

Suprisingly.. Ameng told me that our menu i.e. nasi lemak won the most delicious food at the event.. hahahha… that’s too suprising to me!! But the nasi lemak was not bad either.. boleh la.. i was just not expecting it. hehe.. All bros yg masak tadi esp the sambal stuff must have been suprised as well.. yeah.. who say male student cant cook?

Geng usrah Ameng makan hasil masak..nyum..

Geng usrah Ameng makan hasil masak..nyum..


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