Posted by: ghossmg | December 4, 2004

Along with every hardship is relief

Along with every hardship is relief…
Alhamdulillah today is better than yesterday. i did my basic Friday chores including skipping Comp Arc class !! i just felt that the lecture does not give much help though apparently i do agree that it does help… hmm.. what am i talking. The thing for sure… i cannot cope with this subject accordingly.. up to date.. and either the tutorial.. i did nothing except that have browsed the first few pages.. ah.. life is getting scarier when remembering that christmas break is just around the corner, getting closer to holiday meaning that there will be more work to be done.. report writing.. subject revision for exams etc.. huh.. terrible
i couldnt count how many times i’ve been reading the journal about ionisation coeff in GaAs – for my project.. probably 3 or 4 times.. and today i scarcely read it again.. at first with a heavy head but i continued reading.. felt like my head gonna explode… but alhamdulillah most of it made sense now.. probably i have already have a picture of it after getting some results and have gone through levels that made me understand better. There will be more to come… now it’s better for me to think deeper and analytically to the project rather than asking ‘blank’ question to the supervisor.. shame on me.. terrible
so much work.. life here full of tense and i hate it.. but i am aware that i am just part of it and is living in it.. rather than feeling tense.. it’s always better to remove or change it as i have the power and freedom to choose.. better adapt now rather than regretting it later.. above all.. we need to be brave.
To be brave.. u are willing to face the challenges.. speak your voices.. stand firm to your thought ~reasonably.. not avoiding the situation.. live it and make it yours.. no more complains.. etc etc.. yeahhh.. you need to be brave..
Remember.. along with every hardship is relief…
Surah Ash-Sharh (The Opening Forth)

verse 5: Verily, along with every hardship is 
verse 6: Verily, along with every hardship is relief
verse 7: So when you have finished (your occupation), 
devote yourself to Allah’s worship.
verse 8: and to your Lord (Alone) tuen (all your) 
intentions and hopes.


English Tip

Drop in, drop out, drop off

  • Drop in (also drop by)- to visit someone unannounced. 
    David dropped by yesterday on his way home from work. It was great tosee him. 
    Be sure to drop in whenever you get to town. 

  • Drop out – to quit; to leave. 
    He dropped out of college in his second year. 
    The candidate dropped out of the political race. 

  • Drop off – deliver someone or something. 
    Can you drop this letter off at the post office when you go out? 
    After the game, she dropped me off at my house.

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