Posted by: ghossmg | November 29, 2004

Busy week

Hi.. have been a long time didnt write in this blogg.. huh.. 

this week really wore me out. all are because of the third year project. i tell you, i m doing a project relating to seminconductor – subject i m not really fancy to – that is a Lucky Drift, with the objective to get a multiplication characteristic from the LD equation itself. 

and i spend this whole week to configure the right value of mean free path of electron travelling in seminconductor in E-field.. and the threshold energy of the electron. Seems that the lucky drift theory cannot fit the data from experimental value at high E-field. i ve made adjustment and varied both values and from the data produced by a programm (that is based on LD theory) they were all consistently different at high E-field in which they are much higher! i dont know y. is it because of my program or is it because of the theory itself? these are question i need to find out.. later.. and that make my life even busier. 

okay.. already 12.20am i gotta sleep. coz tomorrow i ve a meeting with my project supervisor at the same time as the meeting with MARA officer.. i’ll go to my supervisor for sure… 

till then.. until we meet again… and again.. i am really tired.. tired and tired


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